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Diving & Bottom Fishing
GPS and LORAN  numbers
for Coastal Florida and the Florida Keys



Florida Keys Marathon Area Numbers




More is not always better. I have edited the files to provide proven good locations rather than packing a file with 'can be' or 'should be' spots. You should note that most of the spots are part of a reef, and if you search the immediate area you will find other spots that will produce fish and lobster.

The file (more than 125 numbers) contain locations of wrecks and reefs of the Florida Keys in the Marathon (MM-50 +/- 10 miles) area. These are some of the best and little known diving spots for beauty and are the ones which  consistently catch fish and find lobster.

These numbers were accumulated while operating a dive boat out of Marathon, FL. Some numbers came as trades from other boat captains. Most numbers were copied directly from a Sitex GPS. Some numbers were computed from LORAN C numbers. The conversions are not as accurate as the copied numbers, but all numbers should be close enough to find the reef, ledge, etc. by dropping a jug on the number and circling the jug.


An email from a customer.

Thanks for those numbers! We had a great trip to Conch Key! Between the 4 of us we brought home 48 tails and a 10-12lb bag of filets each of hogfish, gag and red grouper, yellowtail, blackfin, mutton, and mangrove! We absolutely pounded the hogfish! I will send you a couple pics of the trip. we hit the weather just right too.....made the run to the marathon hump one day and we could have done it in a jon boat it was that nice! the big tiger/hammerheads were thick on the hump and we lost waay too many skip jacks and blackfins too them. caught a weehoo on a speed jig that was a first for me. Also lost about $120 worth of speed jigs to the sharks. Had a 11-12' tiger boil on a tuna 15' behind the boat....i hate big sharks...Again thanks for the numbers! I will get some pics together and send them your way.

David Blackshear

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Florida Northeast Coast Numbers

We also offer a  second file (over 275 numbers) that cover the area from south of St. Augustine to just north of Cape Canaveral. It contains the the best recreational and commercial numbers available and will pay for itself your first trip offshore.

These numbers were accumulated while charter and commercial fishing out of Ponce Inlet at Daytona Beach.

This file sells for only $100.00



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Natural Reefs


This list is all any Florida fisherman or scuba diver would need to find the right place to fish, catch lobster, or dive for pleasure.

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